Auram Press 4000S

The Auram Press 4000S is a semi-automatic compressed earth block (CEB) press with a 3 phase electric motor (5.5 kW, 415VAC) and with a maximum output of 1000 blocks per hour.  It is based on the successful design of the Auram 3000 manually-operated CEB press, of which more than 1000 have been sold worldwide.  With the ingenious lever/cam/roller design a maximum of 200 kN peak force on the block surface is achieved with a minimum amount of electrical power.

During operation the lid of the mold is closed automatically, pre-compressing the earth within the mold.  Then with a single command the primary hydraulic cylinder compresses the block from the bottom, opens the lid and ejects the block.  With the secondary cylinder the hopper brings the fresh earth mix to the mold and pushes the finished block onto the out-feed table.  With further commands the machine is brought back to the “start position” and the cycle continues.

The Auram 4000 press ships with a standard block mold. With each standard block mold full blocks and half blocks can be produced.  The block height could be 90 or 100 mm.

The following molds can presently be fitted on the Auram Press 4000, with a convenient bolt-on design:

  • Mold Plain 240 (two blocks per stroke) with standard full size of 240 mm x 115 mm x 90 mm.
  • Mold Plain 290 (two blocks per stroke) with standard full size of 290 mm x 140 mm x 90 mm.
  • Mold Hollow 240 (two blocks per stroke) with standard full size of 240 mm x 115 mm x 90 mm.
  • Mold Hollow 290 (two blocks per stroke) with standard full size of 290 mm x 140 mm x 90 mm


  • The Auram Press 4000 has inflatable wheels so can be moved easily on site or transported behind a tractor.
  • The maximum towing speed behind a tractor is 20 Km/h along low traffic volume roads (i.e. rural roads).
  • For highway and long-distance transportation the Auram Press 4000 must be loaded onto a trailer or truck.


  • It is highly recommended to purchase these accessories so as to obtain optimal productivity for the press:
  • In-feed conveyor to transport the soil from the Auramix 5000 into the press hopper
  • Out-feed roller conveyor to move the finished blocks away from the press.
  • The hopper for in-feed conveyor is required only if the Auramix 5000 is not used and if the mix is done manually.
  • Tow kit: Inflatable wheels with tow hitch.


The Auram Press 4000 is presently offered with an electric motor.
The standard motor configuration is as stated above. Contact Aureka for other motor options if these motors are unsuitable for your region

Available force 200 KN (20 tons)
Compression ratio 1.60 or 1.7
Block Height 90 or 100 mm
Output Maximum theoretical 500 strokes Per hour according to the speed of the operator
Manpower needed 3 workers with in-feed conveyor
Dimensions (not including conveyor) Length 185cm, Width 160cm, Height 185cm
Net Weight 1300 kg
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