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Aureka is an engineering company settled in Auroville, South India. We are a team of 50 workers with 20 years experience in industrial machinery.
  • Robert
    Robert | CEO of Aureka
    I have developed during my career as CEO of Aureka. The evolution of Aureka – in conditions not always easy – has strengthened my values, self discipline, dedication and perseverance. My curiosity and my commitment to a sustainable and greener world has led me to boost R & D projects in the field of Renewable Energy. The result: I transform challenges into business opportunities, according to the strategy “think globally, act locally” and thus create real value for our customers.
  • Palani
    Palani | Product manager
    I have developed my career starting from scratch. Having worked during 6 years at the production lane, I jumped to positions of responsibility becoming the head of wind pump section (10 years). The technical knowledge earned and my ability to manage the labor force have been the keys to drive me to my current position as a manager production.
  • We believe that creating and maintaining a work environment based on fairness, transparency, integrity, respect, honesty, and productivity is possible.
  • We believe that improving our products and processes, implementing strategies and solutions to reduce the impact on the environment , is the best way to make a responsible use of the planet’s resources.
  • We believe in collaboration: engineers and architects working together to develop technically superior products tailored to our customers’ needs.


Our Partners


    The relationship with Aureka so far in our Joint development project has been thoroughly rewarding technically, relationally, and performance wise.  Our goal was to pool skills and resources to develop the technologies needed to make a step function shift in the Cost/investment/productivity curves of CSEB block making at moderate capital levels.  The goal together was to support automatic or semi automated presses with continuously mixed and prepared soils.  After dozens of data driven interactions an design upgrades, we currently have 1  mixer in Auroville, and a second in Mexico moving into the second stage of development by running significant production to understand any long term reliability and quality improvements that might be desired.

    Next steps include durability and cost enhancements, mobility, designing for shipping globally, and integrating with several powered press styles.

    We are excited to continue the process together of improving the technology of making higher quality blocks at ever more affordable prices to users….and more sustainable/rewarding jobs for small business owners and their teams as part of community development.  we have structurally supported this joint development in the future by setting aside a portion of future sales from the new mixers into a fund for future developments of automated CSEB block making.

    Special thanks to Robbie with his ability to pull input and expertise from multiple areas, and keep the project moving.

  • Auroville Earth Institute
    Auroville Earth Institute

    The Auroville Earth Institute (AVEI) is a non-profit organization specializing in the research, development, promotion and transfer of earth-based building technologies, among the most cost effective, low carbon, low embodied energy solutions for sustainable development.

  • Dwell Earth
    Dwell Earth

    Dwell Earth is an American company whose mission is to deliver innovative building solutions utilizing advanced compressed earth block construction technologies, appropriate design, project management by utilizing local resources to help transform lives and communities throughout the world. They describe Compressed Earth Block as “a construction material made from the dirt beneath your feet to build a wide variety of structures including homes, schools, churches, clinics, stores, barricades and fortifications.”


    I am writing to express my sincere appreciation of the services offered to my company by Aureka.

    I have been in touch with Aureka for more than six years and have purchased a variety of goods from the company – including machines, moulds and spare parts.  At all times I have been impressed by the clarity of communication, the speedy response and the excellent service offered to me and my colleagues by Aureka employees.

    All of our financial dealings have been handled with the same efficiency.  Bills of Lading, shipping and insurance details have been very well taken care of and the goods have arrived in good order – well packed and secure.

    On the occasions when I have needed to be in telephone communication the company’s response has been swift and courteous and my queries have been dealt with.

    There have been a couple of occasions when I have asked for things to be ordered on my behalf from Auroville that are outside Aureka’s remit.  Once again these requests have been followed up and small purchases made on my behalf.

    For all the above reasons I am, therefore, a very satisfied customer and I look forward to working with the company in the years to come.

  • AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions, ISRAEL
    AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions, ISRAEL

    AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions has been working for the past 8 years with Aureka. We have been buying the block making machines for the Low Cost Housing projects as part of our Rural Community Development Plan. It has been great pleasure to work with Aureka and a privilege to be able to spread the technology and technique of earth building throughout the world. The service and quality is always first class.


    I would like to thank to thank you very much for the knowledge we gain. One major achievement that we were able to accomplish the design of a 16m Dome for a theater in the Gambia. The construction is completed and the work is satisfactory.

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