Shredder / Chipper

To increase the quantity and volume of compost produced on your farm.

With this Auroville-manufactured Shredder you can turn your organic waste into high-quality compost for agriculture and gardening. The speed of vegetation growth in the tropics makes the wood chipper an essential item in any efficient gardening or agricultural work. Instead of burning your waste, you can convert it into beneficial nurturing material for composting, and then return it to your soil.

The European Union plans to recycle 60% of green waste, and “No burning” laws are being introduced in South East Asian countries after large forest fires in Indonesia resulted in an environmental disaster with widespread smoke pollution. Now, therefore, seems to be the ideal time to introduce such equipment in India.

The Aureka Shredder / Chipper has all the standard features to be connected to the PTO of a tractor. But in response to the request of many customers, Aureka has also developed a Shredder / Chipper connected to a 10 HP electric motor.

Range of products

Model 590 TD

  • With provision to connect to the PTO of a tractor
  • Shredder complete with belt drive and 3-point frame to connect with the hydraulic system of the tractor
  • Universal shaft to connect to tractor PTO
  • Spare blade 1 set

Model 590 EC

  • With electric motor 10HP
  • Shredder complete with pulley and belt drive
  • Spare blade 1 set
Cutting disc dia 590 mm
Blades 3 nos.
RPM ca. 1700/min.
Opening at cutting disc 200/200/350 mm
Opening at feeder 700 x 700 mm
Feed wood max. diameter approx. 80 mm
Structure of cut material Approx. size 10 - 150 mm
Capacity 2 - 5 m3 / h
Weight approx. 300 Kgs.
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