Technical details

Block size (L x W x H, in mm) 400 x 240 x 85
Net volume of material 5.266 litres
Gross volume of block 7.708 litres
Bearing area Not relevant
Void 31.7 %
Daily productivity for the full size block 400 Nos
Number of blocks per bag 84
Quantities of materials Per 1000 blocks
Soil 7.14 (m3)
Sand 1.78 (m3)
Cement 11.9 (bag)

Mold Hourdis 400

This block is used to create floors and roofs.

It rests either on reinforced concrete T beams or on ferrocement channels.

Accessory of Auram Press 3000

40 x 24 x 8 cm 1 block/stroke

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