Auram Crusher

Earth for CSEB (compressed stabilized earth block) masonry, and SRE (stabilized rammed earth) construction must be dry, have uniform consistency, free from hard clay lumps and large rocks. Crushing and screening mined-earth without machinery is labor intensive and can become the rate limiting factor for both CSEB production and SRE construction. A mechanized crusher can take your operation to a higher level of efficiency and productivity, freeing up your valuable human resources for more creative and less back-breaking work. Rock crushing machines are available from other manufacturers, but rock crushers are very heavy and difficult to transport and maneuver on-site; they are expensive, require a great deal of power, and are thus expensive to operate.

The Auram Crusher however has been specifically designed for CSEB production and SRE construction projects. The Auram Crusher is light enough for a small crew to load onto a trailer for transportation, and is easily maneuverable on the job site, either manually by a small crew, or by towing with a tractor (at or below 20 km/hr). The Auram Crusher is fitted with both in-feed and out-feed conveyors for efficiency. A mechanized production facility with a skid-steer front-end loader for handling mined-earth and finished earth, and a backhoe for mining/excavation, can keep material flowing through the Auram Crusher at maximum capacity of 12 cubic meters an hour with only a small human crew. A larger crew is necessary if this large equipment is unavailable. A manual crew will include six to eight workers, who will keep material flowing into the crusher manually using wheelbarrows, plus a supervisor/operator; everyone pitching in to move the crusher around on site.

In summary, the Auram Crusher is purpose-built to support the needs of CSEB masonry and rammed earth construction projects. It is thrifty to operate, easy to transport to the site, easy to maneuver on site, sturdy and reliable. The Auram Crusher has enough capacity to provide finished earth for high speed automatic block presses, such as the Auram 4000. It can also be used to support several simultaneous projects that lack mechanization and are using human powered presses.

Suitable for dry soils only:

Wet or moist earth must be dried before crushing and the earth must not contain roots. Occasional stones up to 50 mm (2-inches) diameter are permissible.


Four wheelbarrows of 50 litres capacity are pushed up a ramp to load the hopper. The hopper has an adjustable opening to control the quantity of soil deposited onto the in-feed conveyor.


An out-feed conveyor takes the crushed soil away from the crusher. The stand for the out-feed conveyor is mounted with a soil deflector, so as  to consolidate a larger pile of soil.


Maximum theoretical: 12 m3/hour, if the crusher is loaded to its maximum capacity with a soil totally free of roots. Typical practical: 5 to 7 m3/hour, depending on the loading speed, the soil quality and the presence of roots.

Manpower requirement: 7 to 8 workers:

One machine operator/supervisor. Six or seven people to fill, transport and load the wheelbarrows of soil into the hopper.


  • The crusher has inflatable wheels so can be moved easily on site or transported behind a tractor.
  • The maximum towing speed behind a tractor is 20 Km/hr.
  • For highway and long-distance transportation, the crusher must be loaded onto a trailer or truck.
  • One end of the in-feed conveyor is attached to the crusher, the other end rests upon two small wheels.
  • Both the crusher and the in-feed conveyor can be moved on site with a crew of 7 to 8 people.
  • The out-feed conveyor has small wheels, for independent manoevering.


It is crucial to purchase the crusher with both conveyors and the hopper, as it cannot be loaded directly, and because the crushed soil must be carried a sufficient distance away from the crusher.


  • We recommend using a Bobcat(R) (skid-steer) loader with front bucket to bring the raw soil close to the hopper/in-feed conveyor and to move the pile of crushed soil away from the out-feed conveyor.
  • Three-phase 415 V 50 Hz electrical power is required for the conveyor motors. Contact Aureka for different motor options if these motors are unsuitable for your region.
  • The crusher with conveyors can be moved backward to form long piles of crushed soil.
  • Output of the crusher is dependent upon characteristics of the soil crushed.
Electric motor 3 phase 415V, 15kW
Output Max theoretical 12 m3/h Practical 5-7 m3/h
In feed conveyor Length 310cm Width 65cm Height 20cm
Out-feed conveyor Length 260cm Width35cm Height10cm
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