Auramix 5000S


The Auramix 5000S is a cost effective and productive metering / mixing solution, which continuously delivers a homogeneous, moist, earth, and stabilizer mixture suitable for compressed stabilized earth block (CSEB) production at a rate of up to 7 m3 per hour, resulting in higher quality CSEBs, at faster production rates, versus outmoded batch mixers.

The ratio of soil, sand, and stabilizer (cement or lime) are independently adjusted to achieve the perfect mixture for CSEB production using the metering system. After the Auramix has been adjusted, the conveyor belt continuously delivers these materials, at this precise and accurate ratio, to the mixing drum. These dry materials are thoroughly mixed, and then water is added via sprayers, followed by additional mixing.  The water flow rate is monitored with a rotameter and can be accurately adjusted with a ball valve.  At the outlet of the drum a continuous flow of homogeneous moist mixture is delivered to the press, the output of the mixer tuned to the exact input requirement of the press.

With the introduction of the Auramix 5000S, Aureka moves to the forefront of manufacturers of high quality, affordable continuous feed mixers, the latest addition to its successful range of CSEB equipment.

Adjustable Metering System Details:

Three dry-material hoppers (for sand, soil, and stabilizer) are positioned at the front of the in-feed conveyor belt. Gates at the hopper bottoms control the dry material ratio. The stabilizer hopper (for cement or lime) is mounted with a vibrator to assure consistent flow.

A Rotameter and pressure pump assures that the flow-rate of water, delivered as a fine spray within the mixing drum, is constant.

Operation sequence:

  1. Soil and sand must be dry, free from lumps and stones, free from organic material, roots, leaves, topsoil. The Auram Crusher is optimized for use with the Auramix 5000 and is highly recommended for processing lumpy earth.  Stabilizer must also be dry and lump-free.
  2. Three to four workers continuously load soil and sand into hoppers with 50-litre wheelbarrows.  Optionally, a skid steer, such as a Bobcat(R), fitted with a front bucket can be used, reducing the manpower requirement.
  3. One worker pours stabiliser into its hopper as needed.
  4. During set-up the [soil: sand: stabilizer] ratio, the water-flow rate, and the in-feed conveyor rate, are adjusted to achieve the proper mixture consistency, moisture, and output requirements.
  5. Dry mixing occurs initially for a few seconds at the head of the drum prior to subsequent water addition within the drum.
  6. The mixer continues moist-mixing with water, resulting in a consistent mixture continuously emerging from the output end of the drum, ready for immediate use in a block press or for rammed earth construction


Mixer output can be adjusted from 4 to 7 m3/h by means of an adjustable pulley on the in-feed conveyor.  Please note that the material ratio for [soil: sand: stabilizer] is fixed and is not affected by changes in output, but the water flow must be adjusted: increase the water flow-rate when you raise the output, decrease the water flow-rate when you lower the output.

Manpower requirement: 6 to 7 workers

  • One machine operator/supervisor
  • Three to four workers loading soil and sand with 50-litre wheelbarrows into the hopper.
  • One worker feeding stabiliser into its hopper and one worker assistant for miscellaneous tasks.
  • A skid steer can reduce the manpower requirement
  • Additional labour is required to operate a soil crusher, or screen, as necessary


  • For transportation, the mixer must be loaded onto a trailer or truck.
  • The mixer and in-feed conveyor/hopper assembly is fitted with small wheels for on-site maneuvering only.

Hopper Options:

It is crucial to purchase the mixer with the appropriate hopper assembly (either for manual or mechanised feeding): the metering system, which controls the mix ratio of dry materials, is integrated with the hopper assembly. The hopper/metering system is indispensable for correct mixer operation.

An earth metering and mixing technology is essential to support new high-output press equipment, to assure that blocks conform to uniform high quality standards with minimal block to block variation, and to maintain high block production throughput at better power and labor efficiencies. Effective soil metering and mixing equipment is one of the most critical areas in accomplishing efficient compressed stabilized compressed earth block production.


A Bobcat(R) (skid-steer) with front bucket can reduce manpower requirement for loading and increase productivity. Note this hopper option.

The standard motor configuration is as stated above. Contact Aureka for other motor options if these motors are unsuitable for your region.

Continuous Mixer 3-Phase 5 HP, 415 V 50 Hz motor
In-feed conveyor 60 cm wide, 3-Phase 1/2 HP 415 V 50 Hz motor
Water pump single-phase fractional HP, 220 V 50 Hz motor
Output 4-7 m3/h
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