Technical details

Block size (L x W x H, in mm) 140 x 70 x 50
Net volume of material 0.490 litres
Gross volume of block 0.490 litres
Bearing area 35 cm2 (Block laid on edge)
Void Not relevant
Daily productivity 1400 blocks (4 blocks per stroke)
Number of blocks per bag 820
Quantities of materials Per 1000 blocks
Soil 0.736 (m3)
Sand 0.186(m3)
Cement 1.22(m3)

Mold Mini Block

This block is used to build vaults and domes.

It can be used alone when these structures have the same thickness (7 cm) or it can be used in combination with other blocks when the thickness varies (case for optimized vaults and domes).

Accessory of Auram Press 3000

14 x 7 x 5 cm 4 blocks/stroke

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