Technical details

Block size Ø 290 x 90 mm
Net volume of material 5.413 litres
Gross volume of block 5.940 litres
Bearing area 660 cm2
Void 7.6 %
Daily productivity for the full size block 750 Nos
Number of blocks per bag ~79
Quantities of materials Per 1000 blocks
Soil 7.60 (m3)
Sand 1.90 (m3)
Cement 12.66 (bag)

Mold Round 290

This block is used for building composite columns (reinforced cement concrete in the 4 holes).

It has the advantage of saving reinforced cement concrete.

Accessory of Auram Press 3000

Dia. 29 cm / 4 side holes Dia.4.2 cm 1 block/stroke

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